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13/03/2018: Spring, Yoga and Litter Picking!

Spring is in the air and only one month away from our first Yoga and Wellness Retreat of the year!

I am sure you would agree; it’s been a hard-core winter with freezing temperatures and lots of snow. At one point we had to evacuate the place we were staying, as it’s quite high above sea level and more affected by the elements. The roads became impassable and we were burning through too much wood, so we moved in with the parents for three days – aren’t we lucky to have had this “bolt hole” as an option.

This week the temperatures have been rising and didn’t even need a thick coat on our walk today. We went out for a walk to enjoy the spring air and decided to take the litter picker and some bags, and collected 2 large bags of rubbish. Included in our litter collection was plastics that had been rotting for years, bags of dog poo(!) and even found a canoe which we are hoping to up-cycle! We had a lot of comments from the public about how we shouldn’t be doing this, and that some people need to just stop throwing rubbish. Totally agree, but why shouldn’t we all lead by example and show people that drop litter that we do care about our country and we want to look after our precious forest, rivers, sea and land?

Forest Retreats want to inspire to all of our guests and the local community to care more about our precious environment. We have a long way to go in becoming sustainable and plastic free but we are on an exciting journey. I think the rubbish is a reflection of the chaos that humans are enduring and have personally found Yoga is also a “bolt hole” that we can escape too inside ourselves. It gives us the calmness, tools and perspective to be less angry and more proactive into making a difference. This “difference” doesn’t need to be ground breaking, just picking up a bit of litter when walking the dog can be the difference that inspires others to do the same.


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16/01/2018: January 2018 Newsletter

Happy New Year Yogi’s and hope 2018 has been good to you so far.

January is full of hope, but also a particularly challenging time for some as there is some re-adjusting back to normality, and we become more inwardly focused after a sociable December. We tend to set our new year intentions too high – only eating “healthy” food, not drinking alcohol after an excess in December, promising ourselves we will do an hours daily yoga practice, save hard and spending less. Phew thats a lot to achieve in a month! Usually by this time of January, the intention usually goes wayward and we start to feel really negative about ourselves that we can’t stick to our resolutions (that we set too high!).

Why not try something different, love our authentic selves and celebrate our small achievements. Lets give our lovely amazing selves a break and gently ease back in to the new year, and all the wonderful opportunities for self development that it may bring. A daily yoga practice is a great idea (as we already know) as it makes us feel mentally and physically stronger, but it doesn’t have to be an hour. Just get on the mat and do some Asana’s and BREATHE. A friend sent me a really useful link from a website called which has really helped guide me:

2018 promises to be a great year for you and Forest Retreats with lots of exciting plans in the pipeline. We are delighted that our April Yoga and Wellness retreat is nearly full – with lots of people buying a place of the yoga retreat for a loved one for Christmas. We have lots going on this year including a Yoga festival (6-8 July 2018) and another Yoga and Wellness Retreat (12-14 October 2018). Please keep in touch and thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey.


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15/11/2017: 2018 Yoga Retreats confirmed

Forest Retreats and Indian Wellness Academy are pleased to announce dates for our 2018 Yoga and Wellness Retreats, based at Ragmans Farm, a 60-acre organic farm in the Forest of Dean. Reflecting on our great partnership formed in 2017, we have utilised the best of our skill sets which so far has resulted in fantastic feedback from our guests:

"The yoga sessions were amazing - I learned a lot about the practice and myself!"

"Tom and Hayley were amazing hosts. They were friendly, warm and welcoming and had every detail covered!"

The reasons why our guests attend our retreats vary greatly, from a single person who wants an introductory weekend into yoga, a mother and daughter celebrating a big birthday, to a loved up couple who have come away on a weekend filled with activities of interest - and these are only few!

You will enjoy the diversity of our guests and the changes we see across the weekend, from when you walk in the door after a challenging journey, stressed out and unsure to when we say goodbye on the Sunday, radiant smiles, joyful hearts after twice daily sessions of yoga and meditation and blissed out by the love, warmth, happiness and yummy vegetarian food from across the weekend.

Our retreats very much suit beginners and intermediates, and you can either join in on all activities or choose as you wish - the weekend is yours!

This year we will continue to do what we do best, adding in an evening gong bath, which can only be described as as a soothing, detoxing, rejuvenating vibrational sound massage for the body and mind too!

Looking forward to making more guests happy in 2018! Namaste

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29/07/2017: Day retreat details confirmed

Recharge your spiritual batteries after a busy summer and retreat to the forest and nurture your wellbeing! Our special day retreat designed for yogi's based locally to the Forest of Dean, guarentees to make you feel relaxed and rejuvinated. Based at the beautiful Ragmans Farm, a 60 acre organic farm, our day retreat encompasses:

  • Yoga and meditation
  • An Ayurvedic cookery course (worth £60) - food not only good for the body but the mind too!
  • A beautiful forest walk
  • Delicious home cooked vegetarian food and snacks, all dietary requirements catered for.
  • An evening sat around a fire and a dip in our wood fired hot tub
  • Optional holistic treatments and much more!

Our itinerary of our special day retreat is as follows:

9.30-11AM YOGA (1.5 HOURS)


30 mins - £25
50 mins - £35

30 mins - £20
50 mins - £30

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE: £25 for 30 mins


Our all inclusive day price is £70 per person. Email or call 07826-557211.

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